fka gabby

Hello, I'm Gabriela.

i used to have convictions

i used to know my exact opinion on: illegal immigration, religion, LMFAO, seafood, traveling, gender, the red hot chili peppers, my sisters, weddings, gay marriage, racism, abortion, rape, Toms, feminism, animal rights, drinking, drugs, french boys, veganism, oxfords, the UC systems, Cosmo,, yelp/yelping, Facebook, nicholas sparks, lip rings, Rachael Ray, psychiatry, recycling, soulmates, “BFF”s, and casual sex.

but i’m much much much more open-minded/ambivalent/confused/lost now! YAY! (?!) does this mean i’m over my im a teenager so i know everything phase? or does it mean i’m totally spineless? i mean, i’m pretty sure its normal. but howwww normal? and to what extent?


i wish i could make some kind of infographic to represent how my opinions have changed in the last few years. you

On weddings: In high school DGAF level= 11/10. Now DGAF level = -11/10, def. on the GAF side now…


[I’m still convinced I’m not entirely a visual learner but visuals would be nice here, amiright?]

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